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Economist and Programmer

High level experience in data analytics development, letting data speak and making it easier to use.

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As a data nerd, I specialize in bridging the gap between numbers and the real world implications. I have a passion for showing organizations how to use data to make smarter decisions, and a strong background in programming and visualization to craft compelling narratives for insights.

My expertise in Python, SQL, Power BI and VBA. helped me to deliver meaningful insights to drive business growth in various industry verticals like Marsh Canada and the Mexican Institute of Social Security which is the largest Health Care Institution in Latin America and one of the largest in the World.

I like to be a listener of people ideas about data asking the right questions and become their solution partner aligning the solutions accordingly to their short and long term plans.

When I'm not working, you can find me indulging in my two passions: photography and cycling. I enjoy capturing the beauty of landscapes, buildings, and other unique spots in the city through my camera lens. My wife and I often take our bicycles out on rides to explore new places and capture stunning images.

09+ Years


My technical level

Frontend developer


3.5 years


3.5 years


3.5 years


2 years

Data Visualization

Power BI

3.5 years


3 years

Data Science


5 years


5 years


+ 5 years


5 years


5 years


2 years

Excel - Advanced

+ 5 years







My personal journey

Data Science

BrainStation - Toronto

Computer Programmer

Seneca College - Toronto

Policy and Management of Technological Change

National Politecnic Institute - Mexico City


National Politecnic Institute - Mexico City

Insurance Administrator

Marsh Canada
February 2021 - Today

Financial and Economic Data Analyst

Mexican Social Security Institute - Mexico City
December 2012 - December 2018

Work Experience

What i offer

Insurance Administrator
Marsh Canada

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Insurance Administrator
Marsh Canada

  • Examine client requests and evaluate insurance policies and match the required insurance data for specific business projects of the client maintaining an efficiency rate above 90%

  • Summarize insights using data exploration techniques mining over thousands of certificates and policies to draw the client profile

  • Created a custom-make request form prototype with VBA macros that enable the brokers to tailor templates according to each client's insurance packages

  • Launched a project to research patterns and trends in the company mailboxes with Python data analysis libraries to mine metadata from more than 10,000 monthly emails extracted with a VBA macro directed to identify trends and patterns of the email traffic

  • Transform data to load and update the information of hundreds of certificates in bulk form into the system

  • Coach and pear-mentoring new colleagues through the analytical and operational processes to complete more than 15 analysis cases per day

  • Established a rate of 90% of cases completed meeting the SLA and reopened cases less than 10% in special handling accounts

  • Optimize data cleaning and transformation for bulk issuance of hundreds of personalized certificates, letters, and auto id cards through mail merge procedures

  • Test of system enhancements to validate software functionality and provide feedback to the IT department for the last two projects regarding certificates of insurance

Financial and Economic Data Analyst
Mexican Social Security Institute

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Financial and Economic Data Analyst
Mexican Social Security Institute

  • Wrote SQL queries to mine databases containing tables with more than 1 million records using joins and self joins elaborating reports for cross-functional team members

  • Developed Python scripts to extract, load, transform and compare data from external sources reducing processing time by 50% of the budget transaction requests

  • Implemented data visualization techniques to communicate budget performance indicators at regional, state and local levels summarizing thousands and tracking progress against budget targets

  • Effected statistical analysis to identify trends in the Mexican economy contribute to the development and maintenance of the budget forecasting models providing insights to support the policy development

  • Prepared data visualizations that described the distribution of the budget allocated to the 39 programs and the supply of more than 6,000 medical units reported in the annual report to the Mexican Congress

  • Led the design and implementation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to integrate the annual budget data of more than 1,000,000 records into the operation system

  • Designed and maintained a database of contracts for medicines, healing material, equipment and vaccines to track all transactions related to about 10 thousand contracts and report the achievement of the budget goal

  • Automated the method of evaluation of feasibility and financial impact of the modifications to the budget requested by the different stakeholders of the institute reducing processing time by 40%

  • Led software development tests allowing a 50% increase in implementations in the production environment of budget operation developments during 2017 and 2018

  • Maintained the catalogues used for all the reports prepared in the division, constantly updating close to 5,000 accounts and 7,000 business units

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I really enjoy learning new things and connecting with people across a range of industries, so don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to get in touch.

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